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How to use indigo powder with henna When people want their hair to look great without chemicals, they often turn to natural remedies. Two popular choices are indigo powder and henna. When used together, they can make your hair look amazing and healthy. Let’s explore how to use indigo powder with henna in simple steps, and we’ll also talk about Natural Herbal, a company that sells top-quality henna products.

Natural Herbal: The Best Place for Good Henna Products

Before we talk about using indigo powder with henna, let’s talk about the importance of getting good products. Natural Herbal is a trusted company that sells high-quality henna powder made from the best ingredients. They make sure that every product is pure and strong, which is why many people choose them for their natural hair care needs.

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Indigo Powder (Indigofera tinctoria)

Botanical Name: Indigofera tinctoria

Our Indigo powder, a natural hair dye can be replace to artificial hair dyes. The plant-based natural dye is gentle on your tresses and does not contain any harmful chemicals. A perfect solution for grey hairs & allergic skin from cosmetic dye. Combination of henna & Indigo powder give natural looking black & smooth hairs.

We can provide Indigo Powder in bulk & customize packaging also available.

Available In Packing

Box :- 100gm 

Polypropylene Bags :- 25kg , 50kg

Understanding Indigo Powder and Henna

How to use indigo powder with henna Indigo powder comes from the leaves of the indigo plant. It’s well-known for giving hair rich, deep colors. Henna, on the other hand, is made from the Lawsone interims plant and is a natural dye. When you mix these two together, you can get shades of brown or black. But to do it right, you need to follow some steps.

How to Use Indigo Powder with Henna: A Simple Guide

1. Mix the Henna Paste: Start by mixing Natural Herbal’s henna powder with warm water until it becomes a thick paste. Let it sit for a few hours to release the dye properly.

2. Activate the Indigo Powder: In another bowl, mix Natural Herbal’s indigo powder with warm water. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes to activate the dye.

3. Mix the Pastes Together: Once both pastes are ready, mix them together until you get the color you want. The more indigo you use, the darker your hair will be.

4. Apply the Mixture: Divide your hair into sections and apply the paste evenly from root to tip. Make sure you wear gloves to protect your hands.

5. Let It Sit: Cover your hair with a shower cap and let the paste sit for at least 2-4 hours. This helps the color develop.

6. Rinse and Condition: After the waiting time is up, rinse your hair well with lukewarm water until it runs clear. Then use a conditioner to make your hair soft and shiny.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Hair with Indigo Powder and Henna

In summary, using indigo powder with henna is a great way to make your hair look beautiful naturally. By following the steps above and using products from Natural Herbal, you can get amazing results while keeping your hair healthy. How to use indigo powder with henna Whether you want a subtle change or a big transformation, indigo powder and henna can help. Trust Natural Herbal for all your natural hair care needs and start your journey to healthier, more vibrant hair today.

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