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Bestselling Products From Henna and HERBAL PRODUCTS Suppliers

Get Quality Henna From Top Henna Manufacturers


Extracted from the goodness of nature, we are a herbal product's manufacturer and supplier in India and abroad. Our products comprise all the purifying substances to nurture the skin of our beloved clients. We are leading sojat’s herbal products suppliers and henna manufacturers focused on using quality ingredients that are pure, natural, and 100% organic.

On-Time Delivery

At Natural Herbal - A herbal products manufacturer, we have set up a specialized delivery management system that aims to deliver clients’ orders on time by maintaining quality standards with proper packaging of herbal products to avoid any damage. This makes us the leading sojat herbal products suppliers.

Premium Quality

Natural Herbal is a pioneer herbal products manufacturer and henna powder supplier in India. We deal in numerous cosmetic herbal supplements and are a manufacturer of henna powder. Inspired by Ayurveda the Natural Herbal company adheres to the highest standards of purity, authenticity, and quality.

Best Price

Experience the power of herbal over synthetic chemical products at Natural Herbal. We are the leading henna powder, senna leaves, and herbal products suppliers in India at an economical price range without compromising on quality.



Natural Herbal is a leading herbal products suppliers in India that makes every step possible for you to find the Natural Herbal products you may need in order to maintain healthy and flawless-looking natural skin. Infused with the components of natural herbs, our products are a blend of Organic and Ayurvedic herbs extracted directly from nature. Being the leading herbal products manufacturer and suppliers, we pay utmost attention that our products are free of harmful chemical ingredients. Natural Herbal, a leading Sojat herbal products suppliers, introduces its Camilla range of herbal products so that everyone can partake of our herbal remedies in order to enjoy optimum health benefits. Our Camilla herbal products includes Aloevera Powder, Lemon Peel Powder, Chandan Face pack, Camilla 3-in1 Hair Pack, and more. Get detailed information about our products and how they work so you always stay informed about everything Natural Herbal Company has to offer.

NATURAL HENNA POWDER - By Henna Manufacturers

Quality NATURAL HENNA PRODUCTS From Leading suppliers of henna

At Natural Herbal Company, we believe in manufacturing the best quality henna powder for hair and body artwork. We are henna products manufacturers and extract henna in all its facets to use in the health & beauty sector. Our henna products are infused with ayurvedic herbs that add a natural shine to your hair.  We pride ourselves on our reputation as a leading henna manufacturers and henna products exporter. We firmly believe that henna has many different properties that are waiting to be explored with regards to not only body and hair care but also as a natural herb in health & wellbeing and agriculture. Make some space for the best henna hair dyes and henna hair products from Natural Herbal. As the prime henna products, manufacturers & exporters from Sojat, India, our company is focused on providing quality products Triple Sifted BAQ Henna Powder, Henna Leaves, and more.


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I have countless customers asking for Camilla herbal haircare and skincare products all year long. I have to reorder the stock more frequently than before.

Anuj Rathi, Retailer

The best thing about the Natural Herbal company, other than their products, is their personalized packaging. It’s a pleasure to be in business with them.

Manoj Yagnik, Business Owner

If we had to trust just one exporter and manufacturer of herbal and henna products, then Natural Herbal would be our first choice. They have the freshest products of export quality.

Katy Foster, Import Manager

I have been doing business with Natural Herbal for a long while and I must say, the sales of herbal products at my store have significantly increased.

Hilary Andrews, Business Manager

We bought henna powder of all kinds, along with henna cones and henna-based hair dyes from Natural Herbal. All the henna products by them go out of stock within a few days. They really are the most trusted henna & herbal products suppliers.

Rashid Khan, Wholesaler

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